Countdown to Disney: Disney Apps!

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4 days until Check-in! Woohoo! Tomorrow morning my parents and I will be loading up our van and heading to St. John's! So today I will be spending all day in my room trying to simultaneously clean up and that will be interesting.
Before I do this, I thought I would talk about some of the apps I've found that might be useful if you're heading to Walt Disney World this summer! Of course, I am highly attached to my iPhone....and it is going to be torture only being able to use it on WiFi this summer! I'm planning on getting a phone when I arrive, but I'm not sure what kind of phone it will be, so I'll be pretty reliant on my trusty ol' iPhone 4 until august.

why am i such a nerd? I feel like I am so over prepared for this whole endeavour...

1. The "MyDisneyExperience" App

Okay. This app is like absolutely everything you need for your trip. Appropriately named, it contains park hours, maps of the parks, and wait times for attractions (right now it's only 5 MINUTES FOR PIRATES?!!). In this app you can also see restaurant menus and make reservations, as well as seein where characters are meeting for the day! If you log in, you can see and manage your current reservations (and I'm assuming fastpasses), and so much more! Most importantly, it is the official app of Disney, so you know your info is safe! I can see myself using this a lot......and i may be guilty of using it to check wait times and pretend I am already at disney! haha!

2. Undercover Tourist's WDW and Universal Apps

These are two separate apps that are relatively similar to the MyDisneyExperience one, so I am interested to see how they hold up compared to it! I've been a fan of undercover tourist for a while, and since I'm planing to get a Universal pass, I'm going to keep this handy!

3. Ride Counter

This is the last app on my list, and it is one that I only found today! AND I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! One of the things on the top of my bucket list is to ride and see every attraction in Walt Disney World. Before I knew this existed, I was going to print out a list of all the attractions and cross them out as I conquered them. Then i found this - the coolest app ever! You can not only count what rides you have ridden, you can see who you rode with, add comments, and how many times you have ridden that particular ride! I just can't wait to use it to help me complete my bucket list! 

So there it is! I'm hoping to get a smartphone while I'm in Florida if at all possible, but if not, my handy dandy iPhone 4 is ready and prepared for battle! Not too many more days now :)

love + pixie dust,