June 18: Disney Heritage + EPCOT!

02:47 Sarah Burton 2 Comments

Today was the first of my days off and I was so grateful after a rough shift the night before.

I woke up early to facetime my sister and do laundry since i've been needing to do it for the past three days and just haven't had time to do it between work and sleeping...

In the afternoon I had the first session of Disney Heritage - a class put off by disney! By the end of the summer I'll have my "mouse"ters degree - and I said I wasn't going to pursue anything higher than my BA... 

I'm really excited about this class - we're going to be learning chronologically about the Disney Company and how it's changed since it's inception. I'm really pumped to learn more about this and to learn about Walt because he's so great.

After class Val and I headed to EPCOT because I've only been there once and I thought I'd give it a chance. We had some fastpasses but i think the only one we actually used was for the priority fireworks viewing because the park was so dead!

We hit spaceship earth, journey into imagination with figment (the cutest), living the land, soarin', aaaaand i think that's it. We were starving and took forever to find somewhere to eat so I ended up grabbing a hot dog at a cart in the African Outpost (because I am so culturally refined), and then once we got to mexico I got chicken tacos which we really good! I even ran into a couple of friends from work!

By the time we finished eating we went looking for the fastpass place - and the line up was huge. So we stood until it opened and staked out our spots for Illuminations. They were great, but in reality, wishes is so much better - because everything is just a smidge better with disney music. EPCOT still isn't my favorite park, but I guess it's nice to get to experience a less "disney" disney park. 

I'm about to go to bed because I have a busy day of grocery shopping and netflix binge watching to catch up on tomorrow! I'm in desperate need of a relax and recharge day because I don't always get them when I don't have two days in a row off...thankfully this week I do!

I am exhausted, I have about a months worth of sleep to catch up on, but I'm still trucking on and having a pretty awesome time!

love + pixie dust,



  1. I just read every single post about your Disneyadventures! They were all so interesting, and it sounds like you are having the time of your life, so excited for you (and also pretty jealous!)
    Keep having the best summer and making dreams come true :)

    1. thanks! i am having a great time....even though some days suck the good definitely outweighs the bad! :) Hope you're having an amazing summer so far!