July 24: Good Magical Morning!

15:56 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Some days - especially after working, getting a sunburn, and just generally not in a great mood - the magic of disney gets lost on you. Sure, it's still disney, but the pixie dust just isn't there at that time. Thankfully, I have roommates that drag me out of bed in order to get me out of my magic slump!

This morning Val and I headed to MK bright and early - despite being tired and not wanting to get out of bed and it was probably my favorite visit since being here! It was so relaxing, we didn't have a scheduled plan, and we weren't concerned about doing a lot. It also wasn't a million degrees - so that made walking around a lot more enjoyable! 

We started off the best way - starbucks breakfast while sitting in the hub gardens. For real - if breakfast always involved a view of the castle, I would consider getting up early every day.

Val was really anxious to meet Aladdin because she had only ever met Jasmine by herself - and I hadn't met either of them! They were so nice and wonderful. Aladdin told me if I could steal a magic carpet I would be the best thief in Agrabah and tipped his fez to me *swoon*

We took a ghostly tour of the Haunted Mansion - because mansion is my fave and I only have 2 more weeks to ride it as much as possible! 

hello MTV, welcome to my crib! Who cares if i have to share a room with some ghosts?
 We started heading to Tomorrowland to go on Astro Orbiter because it was the last attraction that Val has not done in MK, and when we walked by Heritage House Naveen was just standing in the doorway! There was no line, so we figured it wasn't open yet but he was like "OH COME IN AND TALK TO ME!" 

tiana, if i didn't love you so much I'd think about stealing your man!

We talked for a good five minutes - probably the most chill and fun time i've had with a face character bc I am usually so awkward. He asked about where he should take Tiana in Canada, and I told him he can see whales and eat really good food in Newfoundland so he should come visit me :)

We hit up astro orbiter, then headed back down main street. We ran into the dapper dans singing cruella de vil, and finally made it home. It was one of the most magical mornings of my summer - and proves that the most magical days are not the ones that are planned! 

two weeks from now I will no longer be a cast member. Where has this summer gone? time to finish up my shopping and make as much magic as possible before I have to leave!

love + pixie dust,