Countdown to Disney: #TBT

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5 days until Check-in!

Since it is "Throwback Thursday" I thought I would share some pictures and memories from my last (and first) trip to Disney/Orlando!

This happened in June of 2012 and was planned pretty much in like a month? My sister and her boyfriend (now husband) decided they wanted to take a trip, and decided on Disney! My sister (being the loving, caring wonderful person she is) couldn't imagine going to disney without her disney-obsessed sister, so she brought me with them!

This was all of our first time experiencing Disney, and even though there are a million and one things that we missed (choosing to take a nap instead of going to hollywood studios - like who even does that?) it was such an amazing time!

 First time entering onto Disney property in our lives! There were tears (almost) shed - because we don't cry haha

We stayed at POP Century - which was a great decision for us! Although it wasn't a super "disney" themed experience, it was enough for us. We didn't spend much time there anyways!

First character interaction. To be honest, we were really awkward and didn't know how we felt about character experiences - but now i wish we had done more of them! Donald was so cute and hilarious.

Okay. There's a real great story with this one. While we were watching the Main Street Electrical Parade there was this little girl and her cousin that were sitting in front of us and she was so excited to see the characters that when she saw alice she started screaming "RAPUNZEL I'M RIGHT HERE" and waving to her, completely oblivious to the face that this was totally not rapunzel...until her cousin turned to her and said (in a totally bored voice)..."that's alice in wonderland, not rapunzel", which she completely ignored.

Finally, we only got to EPCOT after a day at both Disney water parks for illuminations...and we were incredibly tired and crooked after a few jam packed days. This picture was taken just a few minutes (before or after, i can't remember) I told my sister she was grouchy (which she denied) and then proceeded to slap me across the face in the middle of the UK pavilion. We were both so tired and sick of each other, it was hilarious. after that little bump, we got along fine. Go Figure!

I'm so excited to get back to Disney, get to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which we hadn't gotten to in 2012), and make some new memories! :)

love & pixie dust,

Sarah :)