Twillingate Adventures!

21:47 Sarah Burton 2 Comments

I've been home from Orlando for about a week and a half and I'm already craving adventure.

Thankfully, one of my best friends was home for a visit this week - and we went on a little at-home adventure!

She had been dying to go on a boat tour, so we geared up the car and headed to Twillingate for the day!

We ended up getting into town a few hours before our tour departed, so we checked out the local Museum and craft store. These type of museums are in almost every small town in Newfoundland, and I've loved them since I was a kid. So many artifacts and so much history coming directly from the people of the town.

Bonus: It was admission-by-donation!

We stopped in R&J Restaurant for lunch - and I had my first poutine since being back in Canada *praising hands emoji*

Then it was time for our tour!

There are a few companies that operate tours in in Twillingate - and we chose Twillingate Adventure Tours! Our boat was operated by a brother-sister team and they were fantastic. Being a "local" made it a little weird to be on a boat with a bunch of tourists, but I love seeing people's reaction to Newfie accents and culture for the first time!

We were hoping to see some whales, but they were all hiding from us today :(

Our guide kept us entertained, however, with plenty of stories about the town, information about the fishery and different islands

We were kind of disappointed not to see even *one* whale while we were out, but then again, mother nature isn't on the payroll. You can never predict what you're going to see!

It was a great little day trip and i was SO happy to get a little bit of adventure to sooth my soul for another little while. It is DEFINITELY time to start saving for a trip in the spring. 

stay magical,



  1. This sounds like such a sweet little place! And I haven't had poutine in AGES - might need to remedy that!

    1. It was so much fun! there's lots of character to small towns, and there are so many around where i live that you never know what you will find! Poutine is a staple in most Newfoudland restaurants. It's so good, but so bad for you! Definitely a "treat yo'self" kind of meal! thanks for reading :)