Countdown to Disney: Tell everybody I'm ON MY WAY!

09:15 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Hey Guys!
So yesterday morning (after tossing and turning all night) my parents and I made the trek to St. John's for a little pre-trip before I fly out on Monday! We got in around lunchtime to do some shopping and I met up with a friend to FINALLY see the new Avengers movie! It was so good and full of action (and hawkeye, whom I adore). I'm still iffy on the whole Natasha/Bruce story line, just because it seems so out of place and out of character. I always feel like Nat is just pretending to love him to help the team...but I could be wrong!

This morning I woke up at 6am for no apparent reason, but it was nice being able to read and relax. I have a feeling I won't be doing a whole lot of that over the next little while. Today we're  just kind of hanging around, going to costco, and picking up some last minute things so I'm all packed and ready to go bright and early tomorrow morning! I'm so happy I only have one stopover in New York. Even though I LOVE airports and people watching, I have a feeling I am going to be ridiculously exhausted tomorrow.
 Although I'm not checking into Disney Housing until Tuesday, I'm meeting up with some other girls at the airport and we're going to stay in a hotel overnight so we can go over to Vista Way together! Yay for not being alone and/or lost! (here's hoping we can find each other in the Orlando Airport!)

After months and months and months of planning and worrying it blows my mind that all of this is actually happening! Here's hoping my program doesn't go as fast as these past three months have!

love + pixie dust,