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so after a couple of weeks of insanity, this semester is finally drawing to a close.

officially down to 3 papers, 1 final exam, and a piano recital and i will be finished with my 3rd year of univeristy! craaaazy.

so here's just an update on life in general - mostly from my instagram, if you follow me there!

this week i had to present a paper in my 4th level seminar course  - aka the scariest course i've ever taken! i was so stressed out over it, and i was like 100% sure i was going to fail it, and it didn't help that my prof is a scholar on the topic i chose! scary! BUT i handed in my paper, and did my presentation and he said i did really well! Got my results back yesterday and he gave me an A on both the paper and the presentation! now i only have to revise my paper and hand it in as a final draft and i'll be DONE with this course!

last weekend i took some time to blow off some stress the best way i know how - shopping downtown TO! i love going down to the eaton center and walking around dundas/yonge exploring a bit by myself! it's so relaxing. i picked up this book by Jefferson Bethke, and i'm really enjoying it! He's a really well-spoken writer, and even though i usually find it really hard to read what i call "Jesus books", i'm over halfway done with this one! there's something about how genuine and real he is that i really appreciate!

last night i got to spend some time shopping with my baby "sister", catching up on her life, and talking about our pasts, dreams, and the future. we've been friends for so long, it's not hard to spend 5 hours talking about everything, and thats basically what we did! went shopping, stopped for some starbucks (Passion Tea Lemonade just happens to abbreviate into PTL - praise the Lord! which made us both laugh a lot), got some free creme eggs from some very attractive men in bunny ears, and eventually made it to pickle barrel for wings and nachos! so good, but i forgot to take a snap of it! i love catching up with this girl, even though we live in the same building, we always have something to talk about!

 finally, here's a selfie from this morning! new earrings (thank you forever21 for 30% off jewellery!), and awaiting spring to be here already! Now i'm off to do some reading and research for one of my final papers! two weeks of class left to the semester!!

see you lovelies later :)
- sarah


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Although I do not feel called to missions work at this point in my life and schooling, I will definitely keep you in mind! I will be praying for your ministry in Mumbai! May God bless the work you are doing there!