July 17: "What's the best kind of cake? Pan-Cakes!"

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^ Peter Pan told that joke and it made me laugh a little too much!

Tamsin and I headed to Magic Kingdom for the day - on the hunt for some autographs!

We had a lot of fun finding and meeting characters today! Totally getting over my awkwardness with characters finally!

for some reason i always stand an awkward distance away from tinkerbell?
Tinkerbell didn't have any pixie dust to spare, so we headed over to bibbidi bobbidi boutique for some!

I also realized that I have ZERO pictures of myself in front of the castle!

PC to Tamsin!
 We saw Dream Along With Mickey! Because we always want to join a castle party!

And then flew over to Neverland to catch up with Peter!

"why are you dressed like mr. smee??? WAIT WHY ARE YOU HANGING OUT WITH A PIRATE?!"
Peter was definitely my favorite character interaction of the day! He was hilarious, hence the incredibly squinty eyes from laughing while the picture was being taken. He was concerned because tamsin was dressed like Mr Smee, but I assured him that I was teaching her how to be good. Obviously.

I really wanted to meet Gaston, but the line was long and it was too hot to stay there. such sad times.

I'm coming for you next time, Gaston! 

We grabbed a chicken waffle sandwhich from Sleepy Hollow and then headed over to watch Festival of Fantasy before Tamsin had to head to work!

let's all just take a moment to appreciate disney princes in this parade, shall we?
I am so in love with FOF. The costumes and the dancers have so many details and so much thought has gone into them!

tonight I'm just hanging out, catching up on some netflix, and enjoying the rest of my time off until tomorrow night! days off go by too quickly!

love + pixie dust,