July 1: O CANADA! {Canada Day in EPCOT!}

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It's July 1 - which for all of my american friends means that Canadians get to celebrate! I've basically told everyone who asked what Canada Day was that it's July 4th for Canadians...which is probably not the most accurate description, but it works.

I'm not always the most patriotic person, but since I'm NOT in Canada this July 1st, we all got dressed up in our red + white (this is also when i realized that i own NOTHING red) and headed to EPCOT to spend it in the Canadian Pavilion!

We started out the morning by meeting up with some other Canadians to see the Lumberjack show...because we need to experience this part of our heritage of course!
RCKLSS CRU ft. Lumberjacks <3 td="">

Canadian ICPers!
After that we left Canada (because, in reality, there's nothing much to do in Canada) and headed to France where we stopped for ice cream! I had the strawberry + vanilla bean ice cream macaron sandwhich (again) because it was so amazing last time! Tamsin and Val both got a brioche ice cream panini thing that I tried and it was actually really good. Who would've thought that bread and ice cream go together?? 

We made our way around the World Showcase, met Donald and Duffy Bear, tried (and failed) to find  a Sadness plush from Inside Out, and then Val and I headed home! 

I have to work at 7pm, so I'm making dinner and then heading out!! Tomorrow is my day off and I'm going to head to Hollywood Studios to see the Frozen Summer Fun events! 
Oh, work. Hopefully my shift tonight is quick and painless!

love + pixie dust,