June twenty.....something. {A catch up}

15:26 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Hello friends!

My schedule for the past...week?...has been ridiculous. Working until 3am, going to iHop until 5am, and then sleeping long enough to get up and go do it all over again!

So...the blogging, and the eating, and the having a nice normal schedule to do fun things has been at a minimum.

I've worked a few shifts in the south this week, which I honestly don't really care for, but I did get to see a completely empty main street and be in the park when there were absolutely no guests. It was the most eerie/magical thing i've ever experienced! As much fun as working on Main Street is, I am so glad for next week when the only shifts I have are back in my homeland of the West!

June 26: OH and Anita found me at work the other day - and i know y'all want to see my beautiful custodial outfit - so here ya go!

June 28: Our crew (which we have dubbed "patience for pancakes" - because the thought of pancakes is the only thing getting us through most shifts) went off of our usual iHop visit to Steak 'n Shake last night....and it was nothing short of spectactular! 

Stealing snapchats from Alex - but these people are so wonderful! It was mine, jess, sidney, AND Zach's first times at Steak 'n Shake!
My work famjam are the greatest tbh - there's something about being awake at ridiculous hours in the morning that brings out the hilarious and weird parts of people and also brings you closer together!

...I can't believe that I have less than 6 weeks left to my program! I feel like my whole year has been leaving people after a few months...and these people I really don't want to leave so soon!! Ugh! #InternationalCPproblems!

Now I have to catch the bus in the rain and get to work! 3 more shifts until a day off! 

love + pixie dust,