July 2: Frozen + Fantasmic!

12:36 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

My brain can't comprehend words right now, but I'll try.

Yesterday's plan was to get up and go grocery shopping, do laundry, and maybe go to hollywood studios by myself...but when I got up, Val's plans for going to universal fell through so we ended up spending the entire day together!

We hit up walmart (because the only things i had left in the fridge was barbeque sauce and parmesean cheese), came home to do laundry, and then it started to rain. A lot. I know i should be used to these florida storms by now, but I'm not. 


We waited out most of the rain, then headed to hollywood, praying that the rain would stop by the time we got there....

and it did! Yay! 

Val got us "family reunion" buttons because we haven't seen each other for more than 15 minutes for the past week - we literally work complete opposite schedules.

We rode Rockin Roller Coaster (my first time), went to the Animation Academy (I cannot believe they're shutting down this part of the park so soon!!!), and went to ABC commissary for dinner.

We rode Star Tours, then went to go buy a treat before the fireworks, when I realized.....i couldn't find my lanyard. Therefore I had no money, IDs, or my main entrance pass. I started freaking out and trying to remember where I had it last. Val ran to Guest Relations while I ran to Tattoine Traders to see if it was there, then we swapped and FINALLY she found it in my seat in Star Tours!!! 

We made it just in time to celebrate at the Frozen Summer Fun dance party + to see the fireworks!  

Okay. Let's be real for a second - i really didn't like it. The fireworks were alright, but the pre-show wasn't great. I am SO over Frozen...but according to all the people around me, not everyone else is.

Anita was working late, so we stayed for the second showing of Fantasmic! so we could go home with her! :)

I love fantasmic so much! I need to come back prepared to take good pictures and have a good seat for it!

Immediately after the show was over, Anita messaged us saying she was off and she had a ride for us! Yay!

We got home around midnight, and headed to bed shortly after. It was such a good/adventurous day!

now i have to get ready to work from 3:45 PM until 4:15 AM. It's going to be my longest/latest shift since I've gotten here, and I'm hoping it goes by super fast!

love + pixie dust,