August 7: "Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts!'

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My last day in Orlando was spent practicing a different kind of magic - I finally got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Oh you know, just back in london!

had a nice chat with stanley shunpike - the knight bus conductor!

"woah are you part veela - because you're making me lightheaded"
"well obviously"

*floo powder power floo powder power* 


Gringott's - the wizard bank!

I was super impressed with the "show" of it all! completely forgot where we were!

Of course, we had to try butterbeer! It was good, but I honestly prefer lefou's brew in fantasyland!

Ate lunch in the leaky couldron - nbd

We did the escape from gringotts in diagon alley, as well as a bit of shopping, then headed to hosgmeade! The train wasn't working, so we ended up walking through islands of adventure.

my second favorite castle in orlando!

We listended to the hogwarts school choir and saw the triwizard champions perform!

if he's a griffindor, i'm a griffindor *sigh*

asked the conductor of the hogwarts express to take me to hogwarts and he said i was being ridiculous.
him: "what house are you?"
Me: "griffindor"
him: "i figured. you want me to take this train off the tracks, down high street, through the castle, up the stairs, into the girffindor common room, up to your bed to tuck you in? do you know the logistics of that?"

but he let me get a picture anyways!

we headed back to london on the hogwarts express (the coolest experience ever tbh) finished up our shopping, and headed home! 

I really enjoyed the harry potter parts of universal! I really wish it was bigger and had more things to do! they definitely could have made it into it's own theme park instead of being attached to universal! Totally worth the visit for any harry potter nerd!

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