June 23: Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool When You're Part of a Team!

13:06 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

So, I got shamed by my sister for not posting in like 5 days...

But there's not much going on around here! I've been working, sleeping, then getting up in time to go to work again! 

Last night was a very weird working night, as there was a mix-up and I got pulled from my restroom, pulled all of my breaks at once, tasked (aka walked around in the rain looking for something to do), until I got a call to go "help out" at one of the restrooms around closing. Well, lets just say "helping" was an understatement. Due to a scheduling mishap, there was no one taking care of it for like 10 hours so it looked like Stitch was let loose in there - it took three of us to put it back in order before we had to clock out! It was an exciting (?) way to end off the day.

Tonight I'm working on good ol' Main Street, USA, but i'm going to head to the Magic Kingdom a little early since I feel like I never get to the parks and end up wasting valuable play time by waiting around for work to start!

Tomorrow we're going to see Inside Out in the morning, then I have class in the afternoon, and I'm going to hit up a park in the night - we'll see if it's going to be MK or Hollywood!

That's all I got for today....hopefully many more adventures await!

love + pixie dust,