June 25: Little April (June) Showers

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So yesterday before work I went to Magic Kingdom a few hours early for work! I got fastpasses for Jungle Cruise (which i had never been on before), Splash Mountain, and Haunted Mansion (of course).

I really do enjoy going to the parks by myself - it's so great not to worry about other people's plans, or make sure everyone is having a good time, and you can go on your own pace.

I also went to Pecos Bill for lunch because it was close to my fastpasses, and saw Festival of Fantasy from the restaurant. Then I headed to work in the South! I absolutely love working in the West (Adventure/Frontierland), and I dread going to work in the South - but it wasn't all that bad! I got to work with one of my friends from the West, and another one of my friends who works in the East! 

I also got put on Parade, so I got to watch Wishes and both Electrical Parades with a great view. I can't complain about that!

This morning we FINALLY saw Inside Out and it was so amazing! I love how the subject was actually pretty intense and mature for kids, and I think it opens up discussion about how kids' feelings are valid - and being happy all of the time is not always a good thing.

I made it back in time to get to my second Disney Heritage class where we talked about Walt and Roy and how between Walt's creativity and innovation and Roy's business sense they were the ultimate dream team - and because of that they could build up the Disney studios to what it is today! 

My plan was to head to Magic Kingdom after I made dinner and did laundry, but then the floodgates opened up and it poured....just a typical Florida evening. It's not all bad - I got to relax while still doing something productive with my evening AND i'm going to try and get to bed early. 

My shift goes until 230am tomorrow, so I'm going to need lots of sleep (and coffee) to get me through! how many more days until my next day off? #justkidding 

Here's to another week of making magic! How do I only have 6 weeks left to my program???? Time, stand still for a little while would ya?

love + pixie dust,