"You Didn't Choose Disney - Disney Chose You!": Traditions & First Park Visit!

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TODAY WAS THE DAY...and by today i mean yesterday, because i was too exhausted to write anything when we got home last night so i just went to bed.
So yesterday we had our first official day as cast members! "Traditions" aka Disney orientation was so cool - we learned about the company and their heritage, went on  a little tour of magic kingdom, and finally got our Disney IDs and NAMETAGS delivered by the big Mouse himself!!!

there's something so official about that little piece of plastic! also, got my first ever pair of ears!
After traditions, it was the day we had been waiting for since we arrived - we finally had access to the parks! We picked Magic Kingdom to celebrate our first day as well as one of our roommate's birthday! Our first stop was Town Hall to get a birthday button and they gave us all "I'm Celebrating" buttons as well!

Roommates in front of Cinderella Castle!
We went to get on Space Mountain for our first ride, but it was closed for repairs. So we worked our way counter clockwise around magic kingdom. First up: It's a Small World! 

I had never been on Small World before and it was so cute! It didn't get stuck in my head as long as I thought it would. Zip A Dee Doo Dah is much more catchy in my opinion ;)

We then hit up: Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Pirates of the Carribbean within like 3 hours. The lines were so short - we basically walked on all of the rides besides Big Thunder.

Around 8pm we were starving, so we grabbed something to eat at Casey's Corner and made a semi-magical moment! A mom with three little girls was standing in line in front of us, and one of them had a birthday button. She asked Anita if it was her birthday because she had an "I'm Celebrating" button, so we told her we were celebrating our friend's birthday. The mom said "Oh we should have gotten you guys buttons, etc" and so we gave the two other girls our buttons! They were excited :) I love that in Disney everyone is family and you go out of your way to help people have a Magical day!

We were planning on staying for wishes, but it started to rain and we were so tired from being up early for traditions, so we decided to head home just before the Main Street Electrical Parade started. But not before admiring the castle all lit up :)

I'm home! This is going to be my view for three months, and I am NOT complaining!
We have today off, so we've slept in (and by slept in I mean I was still up at 8) and are heading to EPCOT for the afternoon/evening! On Sunday we FINALLY start training, so it's going to be a busy but exciting week! Can't wait to see what is in store!

love + pixie dust,