DCP Update: Guess where I'm Working!!!!!!!

18:36 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

So this afternoon at our meeting we finally got our WORK LOCATIONS!!!!!

I thought we would have to wait until tomorrow at traditions but it was the last thing we did at our paperwork appointment!!!! YAYY!!!!

Most of my roommates have their locations, save for two of them. lifegaurds have to do a swim test tonight and will find out their exact location after they pass! 

So far my roomates are working at Blizzard Beach (Food & Beverage), Hollywood Studios Backlot (Merchandise) and Downtown Disney (Merchandise)! They're all excited about their roles and I'm super excited for them!! 

I will be working in.......

MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!!!! Because I have a custodial role, I don't have a specific work location and I will (hopefully) be in all of the different areas of the park! So, if you're in Magic Kingdom this summer, COME FIND ME! I'll be rocking the all-white uniform, cleaning up, giving directions, and making magic! 

love + pixie dust,