DCP: EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival!

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Okay. first of all:

Why does no one talk about how BEAUTIFUL EPCOT is????  Or have I just not been listening because my head is stuck in the pixie dust of Magic Kingdom? 

We spent our last day off together before training to tour around the world in EPCOT before the Flower and Garden Festival ends tomorrow. Just look at these things!

but seriously, how gorgeous are these things???

sidebar: they had a full play structure themed around monster's university and IT WAS SO CUTE! it's one of my favorite pixar movies and i rarely see it around :)
If you are near Disney right now, GO SEE THIS! It ends tomorrow! I had never had a real run at EPCOT, but it may possibly be one of my favorite parks? (Spoiler: every park is my favorite park. I just can't choose!)

I also got to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger in the UK pavillion which was fun. I'm the most awkward person in character interactions but whatever :)

Thankfully, today was not as long as yesterday. But we have to catch the bus tomorrow morning to Disney University at 6:30am! Someone please tell me I'll get used to these early mornings and late nights......until then, I will continue to consume a lot of caffeine.

love + pixie dust,