May 22: First Day of Training.....???

00:44 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

So i feel like every day is my first day of training and I will never actually have a "real" day of on the job training...but today was my first day in "costume" (disney talk for uniform). 

Basically today was the last day of any orientation and classroom work for us (YAY! Finally!) and we had (another) walking tour of magic kingdom. Our facilitator was named Vince and he was so helpful and nice - and even let us make a little magic :) We were given stickers to hand out, got to experience some pin trading, and just had the opportunity to meet a lot of guests and create some smiles! It was so much fun :)

Since it is the 24 hour day at MK, after work I just came home and we went to the pool at our complex, then most of us just hung out at the apartment - and anita and I ordered Dominos, because we haven't eaten it in what feels like forever, and we both conveniently love pizza!

Tomorrow I work from 11am-8pm on my first shift as a trainee! I think it's a sweeper shift so it'll be an easy one (hopefully) to ease me into it! It's been great being in vacation mode for the past week or so, but i'm excited to start making magic to be honest! Having a little taste of it today has reminded me why I love working with kids! I'm hoping my kidmin training is going to help me with this :)

love + pixie dust,