May 23: First Day on the Job!

00:17 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Today was a tiring, but fun, day - my first "real" shift of work!

The day started off not too great - we got to our meeting place and no one was there to tell us what to do! We finally got everything sorted and Emilie (another girl from Canada) and I were set up with our coordinator in Magic Kingdom West - Frontier and Adventureland! It was a little nerve-wracking considering we were basically brand new, still didn't know what we were supposed to be doing, and didn't really know our area too well, but we survived! We just had a sweeper shift so we basically floated around the area cleaning up and answering questions - and boy were there a lot of questions. I officially know where every bathroom from liberty square to the end of adventureland and every nook and cranny in between. We also got to know a few people who work custodial in the area and they were all so nice and welcoming, and they helped us figure out how to do things like clocking in/out, cleaning up our pans and brooms at the end of our shift, etc. They really went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and not alone! :) 

the best part of my day was definitely interacting with guests because (for the most part) everyone is having a great time. My favorite moment happened near the end of my shift. A little boy hurt himself and was crying over by a fence in adventureland - i didn't see what happened, but i could clealy see that he was distressed and probably got a shock, so he wasn't really hurt by it. The mom was trying to calm him down, but it wasn't really working so i hauled out my handy dandy stickers and attempted to help. over the years i've learned that A) kids usually just need a distraction to stop them from crying, and B) everyone loves surprise presents. I told him that I had something very special for him (i've never seen a kid stop crying so quickly) -  Mickey Mouse gave me these stickers especially for times like this to make kids feel better if they're hurt or scared and that i really wanted him to have one if he'd like. He took it, and I asked him if it would be okay if we gave some to his siblings and if he would help me give them out. He was so excited to be giving his big brothers something that was offered only to him he completely forgot about being upset or being hurt. The mom thanked me and they went on to wherever they were headed like nothing had happened. I'm not sure if this was considered a "magical" moment - but it felt pretty magical to turn an upset kid into a happy kid. 

today was very long - and very hot - but I survived. It's going to take some getting used to this job, the people, etc. but it is pretty easy to smile all day when you see couples who just got engaged, families who saved up for years in order to have a vacation, and kids seeing their favorite stories come to life. Sure there were some moments I wish I was working in an air conditioned office, but this is where I'm meant to be - this time, this place, this moment - and I'm making the effort to see the potential in every conversation. Who knows what will come of this summer? I'm pretty excited to find out!

love + pixie dust,