May 21: Princess Hunting!

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Catching up after a couple of late nights and early least for me because I am a party animal who usually goes to bed at like 10pm. Here's post #1 from last night!

On thursday I was off! YAY! Cora, Tamsin and I went to Blizzard Beach for the morning/afternoon which was wonderfully exhausting. I love water parks so much - the lazy river is just the best thing that has ever been invented by man. 

That night we headed to Magic Kingdom to hunt for princesses! We finally figured out how to hook up our main gates to the new fastpass+ system, so we got fastpasses to meet Tinkerbell and Ariel and stood in the stand-by lane (only a 40 minute wait) for cinderella & rapunzel!

 a really nice gap in between me and anita - i promise we don't hate each other!

rapunzel was so sweet! she said i looked like i was an artist (spoiler: i am totally not) and if i liked to paint my walls. I think she was planning on doing some redecorating in Princess Fairytale Hall - apparently the walls just look like the color brown smells)

our favorite mermaid :) she told us all about how shell-phones work - apparently if you take a shell and swim to the bottom of the ocean you can hear the waves talk!

ariel's area in New Fantasyland may be my favorite part of Magic Kingdom - its crazy how real everything is!

swooning over gaston's statue - as per usual

Princess hunting is exhausting - so we stopped by a pretzel cart and MAGICAL MOMENT we were told that they were "on Mickey" because the cart was getting ready to close! Free food is the way to my heart, and Disney has won it! We headed back out to main street, got caught up in an "Incredible" dance party - pun intended -

As we made our way out of the park Celebrate the Magic began so we stopped for a little bit while tamsin and cora went back to see tinkerbell again! I am SO excited to call Magic Kingdom my home for the next three months :)

(do i cry every time i see/hear celebrate the magic and wishes? basically, yeah)

love + pixie dust,