May 20: First Day Off!

23:54 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Today was my first day off, which meant i got to sleep in! ....except that i woke up by 8. I love days off because even though I was still awake so early, I  got to just chill out, make breakfast, and read. So much better than being in a rush to make it out the door on time for the bus!

After lunch, Anita and I caught a bus to Vista Way to go pick up the paycards that disney provides for the international (i think it's just international?) students. Then we walked from the Commons to the Orlando Premium Outlets (which is actually like crazy close to where we live and I had no idea) to find Anita shoes for work tomorrow! 

We couldn't get the shoes she wanted, so she took a taxi to another nike outlet across town and I ventured to walmart to a) buy white socks and shoe insoles that i needed for work, b) get a phone with an american number finally, and c) buy groceries because i am so cheap i only buy a few days worth at a time. I'm so excited to actually have a phone (i went last week but there wasn't anyone working the walmart wireless center so i couldn't get it activated)...mostly so i can check social media on breaks and on the bus to be honest. I've been so lost without my data for the past week and unfortunately WiFi isn't EVERYwhere yet. Now I have a distraction on the bus! Yay!

As I was leaving walmart I ran (literally) right into Anita, so I went back in to pick up a few things with her, then waited for the bus - and got caught in a rainstorm. Thankfully the bus pulled up before it got too bad, but I was surprised at how short it was because I don't think it has rained at all (?) since we've been here! Unusual for florida weather in my understanding. 

Once we got home, almost everyone was back from work or wherever else they had gone to for the day. I made supper, then facetimed my sister and did laundry. Not exactly the most exciting day/night. Cora and Tamsin headed off to Magic Kingdom for Wishes (something i have still yet to see up close since i've been here) but we were all too tired or lazy or both to go with them. 

Tomorrow I have another day off, and we're planning to go to blizzard beach for part of the day! I can't wait! :) Friday starts my first day of on the job training - and my first day wearing my costume! Hopefully I can pull it off ;)

love + pixie dust,