Once Upon a Time...

20:56 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

....Is NOW!

Today I had my magic kingdom orientation! We got to the Kingdom at 7:15 this morning (which meant a 5am wake up call - ouch) and had an in depth tour of all of the different lands, including a ride on the haunted mansion! Now I'm supposed to know where everything is in the parks...so if you're lost, you know who to look for ;) 

We also got a tour of the custodial areas, met our trainers, and took a trip to costuming! I'll be rocking a really cute all white ensemble to go with my nice shoes I got yesterday......just google "Disney Custodial Costume" and you'll see what i mean. 

Once I got home we all had some interesting tales to tell from training, and now we're all just going to relax and not doing anything tonight. I'm off for two days now, so I think tomorrow I'm going to the outlets (and possibly walmart or publix) so I can get some more groceries and some socks to go with my costume, and thursday we're going to blizzard beach! I'm so excited to get to a water park before they're blocked out for us during the summer!

OH and we also finally got our main gate passes! YAY for not having to visit guest relations every time we try and go to the parks!

Now I'm facetiming home, making something for supper, and probably reading or watching a movie before an early bedtime (hopefully!)!

love + pixie dust,