May 18: They call it "fantasmic" for a reason!

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Edit: Actually posting this on the 19th because I needed to sleep and was too lazy to take pictures off of my camera and insert them into the post! enjoy!

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful sister back in NL! 

I've decided that every day that we've been here is actually two days: the first is the boring part, then the second is the fun part. And by making the most of every day by having boring classes in the morning, and then forcing yourself (or getting your roommates to force you) out of the apartment at night is 100% worth it.

Today was another full day of class - this time a class specific to custodial. We learned about cleaning up spills (not the most glamorous part of the job) and creating magic by having a clean park. We also learned about all of the conservation and recycling and how it was Walt's vision - before theming, restaurants, and attractions - was to have a clean park. Some of the stuff was slightly boring (yet necessary), but where else does your orientation involve watching clips of disney movies to see how cleaning is involved in almost every movie?

(my other favorite thing about Disney University is that instead of boring background music - or no music at all - they play disney music. it's my kind of university!)

After our class I also got to go to costuming to get a really cute pair of non-slip footwear....just kidding they're ugly, man shoes. BUT because I'm custodial Disney provides my footwear so I am NOT complaining!

I got home from work at around 5, made supper, and then Tamsin and I went to hollywood studios! ....but we didn't know exactly where we were going, so we got off at the Yacht and Beach Club and took the boardwalk over to the park and HOLY WOW it is so pretty. I'm actually kind of glad we took the scenic route because it was like walking into a giant dollhouse. The beach and boardwalk is basically like being in the Caribbean or something. 

We got to Hollywood Studios and browsed the stores before we met up with Meagan and her friends to watch Fantasmic! 

We also didn't get to go on the Tower of Terror but WE WILL BE BACK to ride it!

We made our way to Fantasmic! and meagan had scored us front row seats! (what a gem)!

 I had only ever listened to the music and watched clips of this show online, but oh my gosh it was actually so amazing. We also got soaked from the water, so I would recommend sitting in the middle of the section instead of the front unless you've brought a poncho or something. I was so excited I didn't even take pictures or anything, and I'm kind of glad I just took it all in instead of being obsessed with getting a good picture like I sometimes do. (But don't worry - I'll be back with camera in hand at some point in the summer!)

I keep trying to decide which Disney park is my favorite...but every time i visit one, it is declared my favorite at least for that day.

Thankfully, we got a ride back to our complex so we didn't have to find the college program bus, and now I'm heading to bed! I have to be at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow morning at 7:15 for "Once Upon a Time...Is Now!" MK orientation! I also have my schedule for the next week (spoiler alert: i have to work until 3am one night in the next two weeks) so I guess that means I'm a real cast member now?!?! Setting my alarm for 5am is getting kind of old though. 

love + pixie dust, 

PS. Is there anything that you think I HAVE to experience or do while in Florida (Disney or Non-Disney)? Do you have any favorite disney memories? Share them with me!! I love getting comments and knowing that people actually read my blog and I'm not just talking to cyber space!