DCP: Training Day 1!

18:28 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Today has been semi-uneventful. We got up at 5am to catch the 6:15am bus to Disney University for our first day of training! In all honesty, it was pretty boring because it was basically all about workplace safety and how that applies to Disney. That lasted from 7:30 allllll the way to 2pm. Long ol' day to be sitting in a classroom, but we survived.

I'm still trying to decide what to do this evening. Val and Anita are heading to Hollywood Studios, but I am so tired and also so sunburned from Epcot yesterday I just want to stay in bed all night and watch movies. My custodial training doesn't start until 10 tomorrow morning so I will get to sleep in a bit. So many hard decisions! If I don't go, I still have 3 months to make it there, so no worries!

I was thinking maybe I'm probably just going to watch Disney movies all night....it feels like I haven't watched a movie in ages! there will be other opportunities to head to studios :)

love + pixie dust.