13:27 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

I never ever know how to write remembrance day posts because how do you sum up being thankful for people giving up their lives for the freedoms we take for granted today?

And then somehow thank those who in my lifetime have fought for others to have the freedoms we have?

And on top of that thank those you know personally who have given up their lives and cry for their sacrifice and those they love who they left behind?

So instead I just say this: remember. Because that is the ultimate way for us to repay them - for their legacy and sacrifice to never be forgotten. For our children and grandchildren and great great great grandchildren to know why and how and who has given us the freedom we have.

So: remember. Remember the grandfather, uncle, brother who have or are serving. Tell your kids about the loss you feel, about the hole in your heart where someone used to live. Tell your story - everybody has one. Listen to your parents or grandparents tell their story.

listen and tell and remember. And one day we won't take this day for granted.