3 Tips to Combatting Post DCP Depression

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Over the years I have prided myself on being a professional homebody. 
I love staying at home, being inside, doing nothing all day. Like one week during university I legitimately did not step outside for a week....(I was living on residence, but still)

But since Disney, I've been finding it SO HARD to stay in all day. I'm blaming this on Disney, but maybe i'm just getting older and more mature? 

I mean, there were VERY few days this summer I stayed inside - even the days where I wanted to stay in and binge watch the office or sleep all day I either had to work or I would convince myself to get out to a park, even if it was just to see Festival of Fantasy or to get a Mickey Pretzel and watch Wishes. 

Coming back to my small town, with nothing exciting to do.....staying inside kind of sucks. And that's when the post-Disney depression sinks in. 

What is Post Disney Depression? "It is a condition suffered by diehard Disney park fans after coming home from a Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation. Feels like something is missing and real life is depressing. There is only one cure; planning another trip, and if that cannot be done the phase will last several weeks, either immediately after arrival home or a short delay after." (Urban Dictionary)

So how do you combat the PDD? 

1) Get outside: 
One of the things I miss the most about Disney is the weather. Yes, even the florida thunderstorms. For me, I got home from my program in August so enjoying the last of summer was a MUST. It's november now and there's snow on the ground and it's been below freezing almost every day in the past couple of weeks - and there are so many days I want to cry because my friends back "home" in florida are still wearing shorts and t-shirts outside....

2) Try Something New: 
If you're sitting in your house (bonus points if you still live with your parents like me), trying to get through another semester of school, and torturing yourself by reminiscing about disney, you're going to go crazy. Find something that catches your attention - try a new hobby, make something, pick up running, start a YouTube channel, or blog about you Disney experience - anything to help you move forward. For me, after I got home I somehow really got into watching beauty youtubers and experimenting more with makeup...which was something completely new to me because I legit never ever used to wear any makeup. I've moved into a new chapter in my life, so trying something new has been a great way to take the confidence that I had gained on my program back into my "normal" life.

3) Make Some Magic: 
If you ask anybody who has ever been to disney (but especially DCP-ers or former CMs) they will no doubt tell you the best part of Disney is their special brand of magic. And the best part of being a Cast Member is getting to make that magic yourself! So when you're going about your day - whether you're still in school, or working like me, find a way to spread a little magic every day. Since I work in a store that attracts a lot of kids, and I volunteer in the kids programs at my church, I get to take the magic I learned at Disney and bring it home with me. It's the next best thing to being a Cast Member again!

4) Keep in Touch with Disney friends:
Let's be honest. On your CP the friends you make are a special kind of friends. Between your roommates who drove you crazy, yet were the best support system and funnest people to play in the parks with, and your work friends who kept you sane, picked up for your slack on your off days,  made late night trips to iHop with you, and got to know you at your worst and weirdest. 

And on the days that you're missing Disney the most, the ones who left with you get how bad it is, and those who are still at Disney can keep you updated on your crazy coworkers and everything happening in the parks. Keep that group message going strong, snapchat like your life depends on it (and be jealous when they're at MNSSHP and MVMCP), keep up on instagram or twitter or whatever social media outlet you prefer to use. 

And if all of these tips fail:

4) Plan your next disney trip

Of course, living in the most magical place on earth for a few months doesn't mean you're sick of it...in fact, you get homesick for it! Whether you're applying for another program or are just going back for a vacation, planning your next trip will definitely help ease the sting of Post-Disney Depression. And when you get back, read this post again! Haha!

love + pixie dust,