ICP: The Bucket List - How it all really went down

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So, remember (if  you can) waaaaay back in May..before disney wrecked my life for good? Back when i was basically just a bundle of nerves and excitement and terrified because I had NO IDEA HOW THIS SUMMER WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? I made a list of the things i *had* to do during the summer. Because...YOLDO...you only live at disney once.

Well, a month AD (after Disney...duh), I thought it would be appropriate to revisit my "bucket list" to see what I actually managed to accomplish.

Parks (General):
1. Four Parks, One Day hahahahahaha who has that kind of time on their hands AND wants to be exhausted on their day off?? this isn't starting off well.
2. Visit each park by myself okay, i did MK (many many times by myself) and Hollywood Studios my myself one time. 
3. Get a picture in front of each park’s “icon”  
4. Get a map from each park done. boom.
5. Every Parade well, i saw the electrical parade too many times to count...so that counts right? i think the only one i didn't see was the frozen "processional"
6. Get pressed pennies yesssss man i dies for pressed pennies. I think i have like 15?
7. Ride the monorial why did i think this was a "bucket list" worthy item? the monorail is the obvious way to travel around disney
8. Collect “I’m celebrating” buttons  
9. Do Extra Magic Hours in every park again, who has time for that? 
10. Be at open and close of a park ha. nope.
11. Witness a proposal/help with a proposal witnessed a few proposals. helped with zero. was proposed to zero times.
12. Trade pins with a guest
13. See every parade and show ......probably a no.
14. Take a backstage tour :( i wish! 
15. Be the first on a ride for the day ahahah no
16. Be the last one out of the park well...i worked until there were no guests in the park. does that count?
17. Disneybound with friends/roomies kind of did at 1900 park fare
18. Every ride in every park uhhhhh....almost all of them. 
19. People-watch in the parks yes. all the time. i loveeeee people watching.
20. Nap on a ride WELL i fell asleep in hall of presidents on my last day....fell asleep at abraham lincoln...woke up to barack obama.
21. Be at rope drop for each park managed to do animal kingdom. that's it.

1. Take a picture with every character dear past sarah: why are you so vague?
2. fill out my autograph book for Hudson! filled up my autograph book.....and i want to keep it for myself bc i'm a selfish person.
3. Meet the character you’re Disneybound-ing as! i literally disneybounded as the wildflowers from alice in wonderland
4. Character Meal(s) Yes! we did 1900 Park Fare for Breakfast!

5. meet as many "rare" characters as i can! i met mushu...he's rare-ish!

Magic Kingdom
1. Watch Wishes definiitely not ever....just kidding! 
2. Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom :(
3. Ride the Main Street Trolley No :(
4. Listen to the Dapper Dans yessssssss dapper dans are the greatest!
5. Ride the 3 Mountains – Space, Splash, Big Thunder all in one night after work with zach :)
6. Buy a Mickey Balloon on Main Street haha who wants to pay $10 for a balloon?
7. Mail a postcard to my nephew from magic kingdom ...kept meaning to do this....but i forgot
8. See the “Kiss Goodnight” many times!
9. Eat at Be Our Guest for Dinner  yessss so good!
10. Fourth of July Fireworks i worked both nights so i saw them twice!
11. Starbucks again, vagueeeee 
12. Plan a Splash Mountain picture me and tamsin everytime we rode splash hahaha
13. Dance in the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Parade of course
14. Stake out a spot to watch Celebrate the Magic oh yes 
15. Picture on empty Main Street  :(
16. Make a wish in the wishing well every time i passed i made the same wish....and it hasn't come true yet!
17. Ride Splash mountain during wishes did not. BUT i did ride it during a thunderstorm and feared for my life a little
18. Ride the TTA "paging mr. morrow.....mr. tom morrow"
19. Behind the scenes tour (oriantation totally counts) it says right there that orientation counts...so yeah it does
20. Take the ferry boat rode the ferry boat everytime i was in riverwalk zone. it's actually really nice...except it's SO. HOT.
21. Try pulling the sword from the stone in Fantasyland did it. and apparently i'm not destined to rule england

1. Talking water fountain ....i dont even know what that is
2. Eat around the world "around" the world...where i liked/could afford. which was like paris and mexico.
3. Illuminations BOOMi did it.
4. Spaeship Earth of course
5. Soarin’ against my will, but yes
6. Spend Canada Day in the Canadian Pavillion Actually did do this!
7. Buy suveniers from the London pavilion nope.
8. Try all flavors at Club Cool yeah i did this. 

Hollywood Studios
1. Ride Tower of Terror yaaaaa even though it terrifies me
2. Watch Fantasmic <3 i="">
3. Animation Academy <3 i="">
4. Character Palooza ??? no
5. Get a high score on Toy Story (ahhahaha i didn't even ride it once)
6. Eat at 50s Prime Time cafe ...no

Animal Kingdom
1. Ride Expedition Everest as much as possible! rode it...5 times maybe? 
2. Meet all of the characters at AK (especially Pocahantas) met zero characters at DAK
3. Do the first Killiminjaro Safari of the day ....no
4. Spend the whole day at AK looking at the animals i only spent 2 days in total at DAK
5. Find the Vine girl did not
6. Kali River Rapids until you’re soaked! first times the charm!
7. Dinosaur done
8. Watch Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo the Musical never actually got to see finding nemo
9. Rain Forest Café nope
10. Buy the mug I regret not buying in 2012 if I can find it! bought the mug...at a resort. but it counts!

Downtown Disney
1. See a Movie saw inside out with the roommates!!
2. Ride the Characters in Flight balloon no
3. Shop in DTD ....not really
4. Get lost in World of Disney yup! on the first night too!

Water Parks
1. Visit both water parks yes!
2. Sand Pail ice cream! ...no
3. Swim with sharks at Typhoon Lagoon yeah!
4. Spend the day in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon spent a couple of hours in there!

1. Mickey ice cream bar 
2. Kitchen Sink @ Beaches and Cream
3. Dole Whip!
4. The “Grey Stuff”

5. Baymax Cupcakes - couldn't find them :(
6. Churros
7. Turkey Leg ew. just no.
8. Mickey Pretzel
9. Candy Apple from the confectionary

10. LeFou’s Brew
11. Nutella Waffle Sandwhich
12. Buffet at a Animal Kingdom Lodge
13. Sand Pail at the water park
14. Eat at IHOP  so. much. ihop.
15. Eat a the Cheesecake Factory

1. Go Hotel Hopping
2. Visit all resorts
3. Watch fireworks from the Polynesian with a Dole Whip
4. Spend a night in a resort 
5. Attend a campfire at a resort
6. Visit the Boardwalk at night
7. Go to a movie night at a resort
8. Watch the Electrical Water Pageant from the Poly
9. Get dressed up and have Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian

Wizarding World of Harry Potter @ Universal
1. Drink butterbeer
2. Buy a wand/suveniers
3. Hang out in Diagon Alley you're so vagueeee you probably think this song is about youuuu

1. Universal Studios/Island of Adventure
2. See a celebrity
3. Visit a beach visited cora's condo on the beach!
4. Shop!

To Buy:
1. Mickey ears
2. Tsum Tsums
3. A piece of Disney jewellery (i love the Alex and Ani bracelets!) ...ended up buying two

Cast Member Things
1. VoluntEAR
2. Go to all ICP events
3. Win grocery BINGO
4. Earn my Ears
5. Get a Four Keys card

6. Keep up with my blog/journal
7. Take thousands of pictures!

8. Get family/friends to visit from home!
9. Learn to do custodial water paint (if I can)!
10. Make a magical moment
11. Work a shift in every park what a foolish, naive child i was
12. Visit Mickey’s retreat
13. Shop at Property Control and Cast Connection probably too much
14. Attend Graduation + get my ears embroidered
15. Graduate from the DCP
16. Come home with some money in my bank account ...not as much as i'd hope..but still

66 out of....all of them. That's not too bad! There's just so much to do at disney, you could be there a lifetime and still not do everything! 

For now, i'm working and working and working until  i can save up for my next disney trip! 

Stay magical friends,