July 9: When You Wish Upon a Star

22:56 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Yesterday was my second day off...and I had class, so that meant i couldn't really go to the parks in the morning, so Val and I headed off to do a lil bit of shopping....and bought a ton of disney stuff. I honestly haven't gone shopping for anything else besides groceries, and have yet to make it to the florida mall. There was that one time I went to the outlets, but I ended up in the Disney outlet store. So there's that.

In our class we had a guest speaker who talked all about the golden age of animation and how with the invention of television most movie producers were terrified and hated it, but Walt used it to his advantage and created TV shows in order to promote the building of Disneyland and to introduce new characters from new movies that were being produced! I honestly love learning about this company - I have so much respect for Walt, both on the dreaming and the doing sides of his business model!

In the evening we headed to pick up Tamsin because she is deployed to the Polynesian resort and got dole whips - and lei's! 

We headed to Magic Kingdom, went on Carousel of Progress, the Peoplemover, and Magic Carpers of Aladdin....and of course, mickey pretzels, and then hung around until Wishes started. 

this guy apologized for photobombing my mickey pretzel photoshoot - which was pretty nice i guess haha
I also bought a new alex and ani bracelet - it's the closest thing I found to Wishes, which is so near and dear to my heart. I can't fathom that in less than a month I'll be watching it for the last time as a cast member! It's probably the one thing that will always remind me of my program - so i needed something to remind me of it everyday :)

We headed home after Wishes and headed to bed in preperation for getting up early the next morning to head to Animal Kingdom!

best view to end off a pretty splendid day :)
love + pixie dust,