July 8: A Zip a Dee Doo Dah Day!

14:31 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Today was the first of my THREE days off this week - what a glorious feeling!

I knew that I haven't had a day to just sleep in, relax, and enjoy the pool in, like, forever, so Anita and I took the time to hang out at Patterson all day.

It was so nice, i got a bit of a tan, started a new book, and swam for a bit before getting ready to head to the Disney Housing welcome event that was themed after the Night of Sevens which is apparently a celebration for Chinese Valentine's Day!

We showed up a bit late - but it was really cool! We got to meet Chip and Dale in cute outfits, AND WE GOT TO MEET MUSHU!!!!!!!!

brb off to save china with my not-so-pocket-sized companion!

Growing up I loved Mulan - i loved her strength and determination and how kick-butt she was - and I haven't actually met her in the parks yet, so I was super excited to meet a rare-ish character for the first time!

After the meet and greet, Tamsin and I decided to head to Magic Kingdom to watch wishes - because, why not!

We got to MK, went to Sleepy Hollow and got an ice cream cookie sandwich, and headed over to my favorite spot in Liberty Square to watch Wishes!

I cannot believe that one day really soon I'll be singing along to wishes for the last time. It honestly brings me to tears whenever I think about it. The last night of my program is going to be so emotional once wishes starts!

We ended up going on Haunted Mansion, Splash, and Big Thunder because the wait times were so low, and then headed back to housing! Our splash photos are always the cutest.

 I am officially exhausted and cannot wait to sleep because I'm getting up early tomorrow to go shopping with Val, then I have my class in the afternoon, and we're going to MK again in the evening! It's always a zip a dee doo dah day around here!

love + pixie dust,