July 10: The Wilderness Must be Explored!!

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Today Val and I headed to Animal Kingdom! This is probably my second favorite disney park, mostly because I love animals and conservation....and everest.

We got a later start then we had planned, but made it by 11! 

we're the cutest, we know!
 We went on a safari, saw some giraffes and elephants and took this adorable selfie

we also travelled to Asia and conquered Everest - twice! 

where's chadder? where's the music? this is nothing like VBS!

we also stopped by to see the boss and his gf before they headed out on safari

I'm still dreaming about this falafel in Asia <3 -="" a="" because="" falafel="" first="" good="" having="" in="" it="" like="" my="" over="" p="" probably="" s="" sooo="" time="" was="" year.="">

We headed home around 3, then ended up going to Dollar Tree and then Cici's Pizza for dinner! I went to the pool while I waited for my laundry, and hopefully I'm going to get to bed before 1am!

 I work in the evening tomorrow (as per usual) so I'm going to sleep in and potentially go to Hollywood Studios before work! I need to meet Hiro and Baymax before their area closes up! 

love + pixie dust,