VoxBox: John Frieda "Brilliant Brunette" Review

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Good Morning/afternoon/evening/night/whenever it is where you are!

So a little while ago, I learned that companies will give you free things. Being a thrifty (never "cheap") person, you know I am all over that.

Thankfully there's a nifty little website called influenster that partners up people wanting to try new products (but aren't trying to break the bank) and companies that want honest reviews of their product.

When I first signed up, I realized it was based on your social media influence (hence the name influencster) and I didn't really think I had a chance of getting a VoxBox full of goodies.

But a little while later, I got an email..and I was IN! A few days later I got a box full of John Frieda products to review!

I got the "Visibly Deeper" system for Brunettes. This is a shampoo/conditioner/deep conditioning treatment. It's been over 2 years since I last colored my hair and I've been embracing my natural color for the first time since the seventh grade. 

So far I've been really enjoying the results! There aren't any drastic changes in my hair color, but there is definitely a deepening in the color. 

Left: Before Bottom Right: After 2 treatments Both: Oatmeal colored sweaters
You can almost see a difference, but the way my hair feels after using the products isn't really worth it. My hair feels weighed down and doesn't feel clean. I will probably keep using it until I run out, but in between my regular shampoo as a "boost" for my color than using it on a regular basis. 

I'm super excited to (hopefully) write more reviews in the future!

love + pixie dust,