July 28-29: "I'd surf til the sun sets beyond the horizon" {Beach Weekend}

14:48 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Here it is...our last week. How insane is that? It feels like a combination of we've been here forever and have our established schedules and habits, yet it feels like we just got here and have done nothing!

One thing that we as roommates (aka the RCKLSS CRU as meagan dubbed us early on in our friendship) decided was to head to Tampa for a weekend away. Well, we FINALLY got to do it! We all managed to get the same two days off, packed our bags, and hit the road!

(and by that i mean they picked me up after my shift ended at 12:30am and got free pizza at 7-Eleven, and arrived at 3 in the morning)

We had a great couple of days with Cora's mom eating and soaking up the ocean.

I am honestly the most thankful for these girls - I've heard so many horror stories about roommates on the Disney College Program, and it's been almost three months and we don't hate each other (most of the time)

We spent the day at the beach, and went to get ice cream! This place totally reminded me of somewhere my parents would take me as a kid on our summer camping trips...they would have loved it!

We also went to this totally adorable french cafe for lunch - Cafe Soleil - and it was incredible! I had a marcel sandwhich and an iced latte. The Marcel was chicken, grilled zucchini, and fresh mayo and it came with a little side salad. Soooo good.

Getting off of disney property was really a blessing at this point. We got to go sleep for more consecutive hours than some of us had in like 3 days, in the comfiest bed we've had since may, ate lots of good food (and i've fulfilled my vegetable quota for another 3 months), and made some great memories! I'm so glad I got to spend my summer with these girls!

love + pixie dust,