June 3: Late Nights in Magic Kingdom!

13:30 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Ohhhhh I am tired.

Yesterday I slept in because we didn't get home until around 2am from Magic Kingdom, then adventured over to the outlet mall near where we live! Shopped around for a bit, convinced myself to not buy a kate spade wallet, and eventually made it back home with only one purchase.

Once I got home I waited around for a bit, and when Val got back from Typhoon Lagoon, we headed out to the pool for a bit - and it was freezing. So we didn't stay for long, and made the decision to go to Magic Kingdom for the evening.

So around 8pm, Val, Anita, and I headed out the door! 

First stop? the Confectionary of course!

this cake pop was red velvet, shaped like mickey, AND purple. All of my favorite things!

We made it in time to go on the Peoplemover and dance to high school musical with the incredibles before Wishes started! Val had not seen Wishes since we got here, so it was paramount for us to go!

After Wishes we tried to go on Space Mountain (which is usually down to a 15 minute wait right 
after the fireworks) but it was still like 40 minutes, so we skipped it and Val and I went on Mad Tea Party! I also pin traded for the first time! 

Around 11, Anita headed home because she was tired, so Val and I went to the Haunted Mansion...and then hit up Sleepy Hollow for funnel cake because we were starving! 

Since it was just past midnight, we managed to grab one of the last funnel cakes of the night - and it was HUGE. Val really wanted to see the Kiss Goodnight, so we ate in front of the castle and waited.

After the Kiss, we made our way down main street through the emporium, pin trading along the way. We eventually made it home before 2am. So many late nights means that I am exhausted, and now I have to get ready to go to work for the evening! Someone told me that ICP means "I Close the Park" and I believe it - right now I'm scheduled until 12:45 basically every shift. Oh well! Late nights mean I can play in the park before my shifts - if i ever get the energy to make it out of the door on time. 

here's hoping I make it though my shift tonight!

love + pixie dust,