June 2 Pt. 2: There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

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...shining at the the end of every day!

Last night it was raining (...but no thunder/lightning. which is weird for florida) and Tamsin and I braved the weather and headed to Magic Kingdom as planned in hope that the rain would stop long enough to see wishes and go on a couple of rides!

We took the monorail from the contemporary resort because we didn't really want to walk in the rain, and stopped in their Fantasia gift shop...because who can resist looking at cute disney stuff?

my favorite duck!

We got to the park, did a little shopping on Main Street, and then headed to tomorrowland! We hit Stitch's Great Escape (which was not as terrifying as everyone had said it was) and Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor (which has been updated since I was last here, and they included Monster's University which made me really happy!). We also went on the Carousel of Progress - the only ride in WDW that Walt had his personal hand in, and the only one that he has actually set foot on before he died! 

I've also been singing There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow since I woke up this morning. Why does small world get credit for being the biggest earworm?
There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day! 
 After Carousel, it was almost time for Wishes! We staked out a spot in front of the castle and watched. I love fireworks, and even in the rain, they are so spectactular.

After Wishes we started making our way toward Fantasyland...and realized that the wait times at Princess Fairytale Hall for Elsa and Anna was like 30 minutes. So obviously we had to go in! 

Elsa is always so lovely and fun!

As we were in line for Elsa and Anna we noticed that there was literally no wait time for Rapunzel and Cinderella....so we hopped over there right after and basically walked right in!

Cinderella asked if I had a fairy godmother, and told me I can use her's if i need to! Thanks Cindy!

Just before the clock strikes midnight (how fitting), we got on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and went to Philharmagic....which is one of my new favorite shows. It's so great and encompasses some of my favorite disney music! It's definitely under appreciated!

When we realized it was after midnight (and therefore after park close) we started to head out..but not before stopping at the confectionary for a sweet treat! As we were waiting in line we heard the Kiss Goodnight starting so we ran out to see it - another thing crossed off my bucket list! 

Then we ended our night with cookies - because everything is better when it's mickey shaped and huge.

magical nights are a-plenty this summer. and I am incredibly grateful for that.

love + pixie dust,