It's June!: Typhoon Lagoon!

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Yesterday was my friday (even though i had satruday off because of scheduling mishaps) and now i have two days off! 

So last night I worked until midnight. We had a thunderstorm, so we were non-operational for about 1 and 1/2 hours which was fun/boring. BUT I was working near the castle and got to hear/watch two performances of dream along with mickey, celebrate the magic, wishes, AND the Main Street Electrical Parade. Not a bad night! There are also a bunch of new American CPs who started this week so it's great to not be the only "new" person working! 

This morning we ALL took off to typhoon lagoon! I think I've mentioned before that in like 3 days we're blocked out of the water parks for the rest of the summer and I'm SO GLAD we got to typhoon before then! I like it so much better than blizzard beach. 

I went on like 3 slides, but then me and tamsin went in the wave pool (my favorite thing everrrr) and in the lazy river for like over an hour. Then we got lunch, swam with sharks, and spent more time in the wave pool and in the lazy river. Such a great day :)

Now we're heading to Magic Kingdom for the night! Hopefully the rain holds off long enough for us to see wishes :)
ohana means family + family means no one gets left behind.....except Val and Cora because they left to go to work.

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