June 17: We're All Mad Here! (Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare)

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One of the (many) items on my bucket list for this summer included meeting as many characters as possible...and on wednesday we got to meet 5 in the matter of an hour! 
Character dining is probably the coolest way to interact with characters - it honestly reminds me of how in Newfoundland we always share food with people as an act of hospitality and to get to know people - you're a lot less nervous and you don't feel rushed from other people in line behind you! 

We had tried to make the reservations for last week on my birthday, but there were none available, so we all made sure to get Wednesday off so we could have brunch together and it was wonderful :) We went to 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian Resort which is on the Magic Kingdom monorail loop if you're looking for somewhere to dine while at Disney! 

The food was good - your basic disney buffet foods, including mickey waffles, a custom made omlette bar, and GUMMY BEARS? What is this? Apparently they go with bagels anyway.

Obligatory food pictures because buffets are my life. 

Course #1 - literally just throwing things on my plate

Plate #2 - omlette and strawberry soup!
So my love for Winnie the Pooh has been rekindled since i've been here - mom, do you still have my Winnie the Pooh bedding? Can you send it down? (Just kidding...kind of)

so precious :)
we're all mad here!

oh it's always a jolly holly day with mary!

Squity eyes because tigger makes me so happy and he was the cutest!
After breakfast we headed to Magic Kingdom because I had to work in the evening anyways, so we got fastpasses for Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Peter Pan's Flight, and Space Mountain! After Val and Tamsin had to leave for work Anita and I went on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin and watched Festival of Fantasy! It was a great way to end off our day before going to work. 

I feel like I can sympathize with Cinderella - after getting all fancied up for breakfast and then having to put on my custodial outfit I felt like my golden carriage had turned back into a pumpkin and real life had begun again. Thankfully it only lasted a few hours because I have thursday and friday off!

love + pixie dust,