June 11: What a GOOD Day.

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You know those days where nothing all that spectacular happens - you still have to work, you don't do anything that exciting, but it's just a good day?

Today was one of those days.

I don't know if it was a high left from the day before, or if it was the hopes of a great birthday tomorrow, or if the world was just smiling down on me in a particular way, but this was a good day.

I got to work a few hours early, ended up getting lunch (caf pizza is actually the bomb okay) and met up with one of the people I worked with in the south on tuesday! We chatted until I had to go clock in, and it was really nice to know that i've made friends apparently (?)

Work was short and nice. No bad things happened, and I got to be a breaker - so I didn't have any real responsibility to keep one area clean - which i normally hate, but that wasn't going to bring me down.

I got off at 6:30, and since there was still SO MUCH TIME to the day, I went up and got changed out of my costume and then went BACK to magic kingdom - in what other job do you leave work just to go right back? I meandered through fantasyland, rode Under the Sea (because 15 minute wait) and tried to find something for dinner. Ended up getting a BLT Waffle fries at Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland and they were #amazing.

I didn't want to get caught in the electrical parade, so I headed to the Main Street Bakery to get starbucks, then took my typical picture in front of the castle with my disney parks starbucks - because pics or it didn't happen?

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I left Magic Kingdom, came home to people actually being awake (as opposed to most night when I don't get home until everybody's asleep), facetimed my parents and tamarah, and rang in my birthday by cora, meagan, and anita barging into my room singing happy birthday. 

What a good day.

love + pixie dust,