June 10: Pre-Birthday Celebrations - Hollywood Studios!

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Disclaimer: This wasn't posted until June 12th because lazy and working and not enough time in a day.

Today was my only day off this week - I don't have a "weekend" until next Thursday! - so we decided to have a little pre-birthday celebration for me (I'm just calling it that because I am milking this birthday week for all I can)

First off, we finally went to Cici's Pizza for lunch - Anita and I are obsessed with pizza and the delicious qualities it possesses:

anita tagged me in this on instagram and i almost died - so accurate 

and Cici's is like $5 for unlimited food with our cast member discount. It was an experience to say the least. The pizza wasn't the greatest, but it was still pizza AND they had garlic fingers that wasn't huge chunks of bread.

After Val, Tamsin, and I headed to Hollywood Studios! We got fastpasses for tower of terror, beauty and the beast, and the frozen sing along - but they were for later on in the evening, so we hung around, shopped a bit, and got pictures in front of cinderella's carriage....until it poured.

We visited the Animation Academy, when we got in, the cast member said that we were going to draw someone who is very huggable and lovable and we thought for sure it was going to be olaf - but it turned out to be baymax! I've never heard so many people cheer with relief - apparently everyone is getting tired of frozen fever.

 After we (semi-successfully) drew baymax, tamsin and I headed to tower of terror. I wasn't AS terrified this time - but my legs were shaking by the time we got off. 

i don't look quite as traumatized as last time...but it's still pretty bad.
 We got off just in time to go see Beauty and the Beast live and it was so great - we were like four rows from the front! BATB is my all time favorite disney movie, with belle being one of my favorite princesses, and the whole story is just very near and dear to my heart. The whole production was totally worth seeing and I'll be back in the very near future! This was also when my camera battery decided to die, so enjoy all of these sub-par phone pictures!
i want adventure in the great wise somewhere! - my mantra throughout university! 
for who could ever learn to love a beast? (the answer, me. i'm in love with the beast)

We also at some point ran into these friends in front of the Chinese Theatre! It was crazy and chaotic - Val even got swept away by Pluto for a dance! (PS all photos from here on out were provided by tamsin bc her iphone has a much better camera than my lumia xoxo thanks girl)

Goofy took his good sweet time deciding if we could take a picture together....what a goofball!

We ate dinner at the ABC Commissionary, then headed to get in the fastpass line for Frozen - in the pouring rain! Which was not the most fun, but we survived! I was kind of skeptical about this but it was actually hilarious - not because of elsa, or anna, or even kristoff. The other added characters were amazing - it was the last show of the day, and according to Val and Tamsin who had seen it before there was a lot of ad-libbing and just more hilarity then any other time they had seen it.

SNOW? IN FLORIDA? What is this?

We went to see fantasmic, but because of all the rain the regular show was cancelled. Instead there was a little light/firework show to little april showers from bambi. It was so cute, and a great bookend to our day.

We took the boat across the pond to the boardwalk where we finally found an open stand that sold mickey pretzels because they are the most amazing creations of all time. then we walked over to find Cora at work and waited for her to get off so she wouldn't have to ride the bus alone! Except we missed the bus and ended up calling meagan and anita to come pick us up and they did because they love us :)

It is time for bed - I have to wake up early tomorrow to work for 12:30 - but that means that I get off before the sun goes down!!!!!! I'm probably going to play in the parks after work and then come home and facetime + relax! 

love + pixie dust,