Move-In Day Madness!

02:09 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

...and by madness I mean it wasn't actually that bad.
this has been the most surreal day of my life. Since like 7am I've been waiting for it to hit me that this is actually happening. And I don't think it has truly sunken in yet!

We got up at around 8am, ate breakfast at the applebee's in our hotel, and waited around for our check-in at noon. We got to vista way and went through the check-in process really fast and found out that we are living in Patterson Court in a 3 bed, 6 person apartment! Patterson was our third choice of complex, but I think now we're all happy with where we are. 

Three of us got to our apartment, lugged our suitcases up the stairs to our apartment, got out the cameras to document our first entrance into our new place....and neither of our keys worked. As we were contemplating what we would do we met one of our other roommates! We got our keys exchanged for the correct ones (apparently that happened to a lot of people) and got unpacked, while eventually our other house-mates moved in!

our wonderful roommate whom we love oh so very much and has a car helped us make the trek to walmart, not once, but twice, and we've finally have what we need to survive. We came back to the apartment, unpacked and eventually got a router so we finally have wifi which was probably the highlight of my day at that point.

after a late supper four of us went to the Polynesian Village resort to eat dole whip and watch wishes from the beach. It was the first time having disney dole whip for all of us (I've been getting my fix of it at the sweet shop at home). Although we don't have our park passes yet, it was totally the next best thing to being actually in magic kingdom tonight. we ended up in the gift shop and resisted the temptation to buy basically everything because there is just so much stuff i want to buy. But it'll be there tomorrow. or the next day! The perfect end to such a crazy, awesome day!

I honestly feel like I haven't slept since friday, and these past couple of days have been even more exhausting so I'm glad we get to sleep in tomorrow. All we have is a housing meeting at 4pm so we get to relax during the day :) it'll be great to catch up on sleep (and and just chill for most of the day...and possibly go to downtown disney in the night? who knows!

getting a good shot of fireworks is a pretty great way to end off the day!