Days 2 & 3: Meetings and Pools and Humidity.

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Okay. Like I know that Florida is hot (and is going to get even hotter), but this is ridiculous. I don't think my body even knows what to do with all of this humidity because even when i'm not feeling like i'm warm there's just sweat rolling down my face at all times of the day. I swear I look like I'm trying to burn off a fever or something. I think it may be the humidity....thanks Florida. Isn't sweat supposed to clean out your glands or something? I'll just take it as living in a giant, city-sized sauna.

But anyway...

Yesterday we finally got to sleep in....and I still woke up at 8am. It was nice to be able to sit down, relax, drink coffee with the roommates, and eat breakfast. We were all exhausted from travel, moving in, etc. so it was good that we didn't have anything until later that day.

We found out that Disney Housing was having a pool party at the Commons from 11am-2pm, so a few of us went over to check it out. We didn't have swimsuits on, so we just kind of hung out, and I left early because it was so hot and I was so tired. 

At 4pm we had a housing meeting, where they discussed housing rules, what you are and are not allowed to do, etc. It felt like an all-rez meeting - but with more disney and better, which is great! haha! It lasted like 2 hours, so we got home at like almost 6pm, took turns making dinner (because we only have one frying pan....which is a huge pain), and then heading to downtown disney! We met a couple of college programmers from California on the bus who have been here for almost a month. It throws me off how friendly and welcoming people are on the cast buses! I love it! Every time we get on we meet someone new and get the opportunity to hear about they're role and what they like about it! 

Room/Apartment Mates in front of our new home!!!! YAY! Cannot believe I only met these girls this week!

We went to Downtown Disney to window shop and basically just get out of the apartment, because we won't be able to get into the parks until at lease tomorrow after traditions. It was our first time doing something with all six of us because Meagan and Cora both had their dad's here so they did stuff with them on their first day while we went to the Poly for wishes. It's so hard going into Disney stores and not buying anything because we really want it all - but we want to wait until we can get discounts, and we haven't officially started working yet so we have limited spending money. We have three months to shop though, so I think we'll be fine!

This morning we had an Immigration Compliance meeting, which was really short and simple. We just have to submit a cultural experience every month, which is just 3 for us!

After the meeting, Tamsin, Val, and I headed out to Patterson's pool to swim and soak up the sun! :)

When we came back from the pool we had lunch, and now I'm waiting to go to a paperwork appointment at Vista Way with Val, with a possible trip to dollar tree after! I think tonight I'm just planning on relaxing, depending on how early we have to be up for traditions tomorrow. I can't believe this move-in week is coming to a close! Somehow it feels like we've been in Florida forever, yet like we only just got here. Loving the weather (despite sweating even when I'm not all that hot - thank you humidity) and loving Disney! This is going to be such a great summer!

love + pixie dust,