Finally in Orlando!

22:30 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

In case you were wondering, I've made it to Florida and I'm alive and well! If you want to keep up with my adventures and tales in disney, here's the place :)

So at 4am this morning I was awake, got ready, and headed to the airport! After a couple of really rough nights not sleeping (and waking up yesterday morning at 6am for no apparent reason), I was already extremely tired. Said goodbye to my parents at security, boarded the plane in St. John's and I was officially on my way!

I went through customs in Newark Liberty Airport....which was scare #1 when my passport wouldn't scan, but apparently it was just a glitch because I was coming in on a J1 Visa. Scare #2 came quickly after when I was so disoriented being in an unfamiliar airport and forgetting that I had water in my water bottle, so i had to go through security twice...the second time while crying. (again, very little sleep = emotional Sarah).

SO after that little hiccup, I finally found my way to my gate. THEN I found out that the plane was broken, so we had to switch gates. THEN we had a boarding delay. THEN once we finally boarded the plane, we ended up sitting there for over an hour to reload the luggage. Finally we took off, and two hours later I landed in orlando!

I've met up with three of the girls I'm sharing a hotel with for the night, had chick fil a, and now we're going to watch tangled in the hotel's kid's theatre!