May 24: #Squadgoals and Character Hunting

02:41 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Today was such a perfect day! It's the first day of my weekend, i got to sleep in until 9, and we spent the day in magic kingdom! We didn't really have a plan for our visit until I realized I could get fastpasses to meet Anna and Elsa! And that's how our day accidentally turned into a character hunt. Anita and I had so much fun with these today, and one of these days I might stop being so flustered when I meet characters!

Today we watched festival of fantasy, ate at peco bills, met 7 characters, made wishes in cinderella's wishing well, rode the liberty square steam boat, and i watched celebrate the magic and wishes. It was a full day of fun and excitement.

#squadgoals met up with the boss - wonder if he'll give us a raise?

Gawrsh! The great goofini!

donald duck is #1! we're getting married - got a kiss and everything!

after our final fastpass (and space mountain being closed - boo) anita went back to the apartment because she has to work tomorrow morning. But i am OFF so I stayed to watch celebrate the magic and Wishes! So happy i finally got to stay and watch it. the magical feeling you get after it is just the greatest.

Tomorrow we're heading to animal kingdom for park opening! It's 1am - so i should probably go to bed. Thankfully we should be able to do everything in Animal Kingdom before 3pm, so I'll get to sleep early and rest up for a 5 day stretch of training!