if you give a girl a needle....

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....she will learn how to sew! 

I've been super busy - with finishing up my internship (AND COMPLETING MY DEGREE!!!!), moving back home for a couple of weeks until I move to Disney(!!), and spending lots of quality time with my sister + baby nephew there hasn't been much time to sit down and do anything, really! I HAVE, however, had time to become more confident in my sewing skills - and even tackled a few projects!

1) DIY'ing: I am happy to report that I have made my first article of clothing! I picked up a pattern and this retro telephone print material and set out to make a skirt. I was completely unsure of how it was going to turn out, and kept praying that I didn't just waste $40 and 2 days working on it.

Result: I AM IN LOVE! This skirt is perfect - and I'm really feeling those 50s housewife vibes. I paired it with a black 3/4 length sleeve shirt and a jean jacket for church on the sunday after it was finished. Add a red lip, heels, and some curls and I honestly felt like a million dollars! This style is completely different from my norm - but I think I have finally found my own personal style!

Speaking of dressing outside of my comfort zone: these shoes. I had credits on JustFab (because i have a terrible memory and forgot to skip months), and I needed some new sandals for this summer. When I saw these I thought - well, i love them. but I have no idea how to wear them, if they suit me, etc etc. But I decided to go with my gut - and i am in LOVE. they're a little retro, not too small (the biggest problem i have with shoes), and adorable. I also don't own a single pair of nude shoes, so that's a bonus!

like, how adorable are these?

Finally, here's a sneak peak of my latest sewing adventure. I am SO tired of not being able to find what I want, so i'm determined to make as much of my own stuff from now on. it is so rewarding to be able to say "I made that!" when you're wearing or toting around something!

tonight I've begun to tackle packing up my entire life into one suitcase....and it is proving to be quite the task! i'll make sure to take some pictures of the process and keep y'all updated! 16 more days until orlando!