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i've been putting off posting this for a while, but i think it's finally time to get it out there!

Last night I applied for the Disney J-1 Cultural Exchange Program.


if you know me, you know that i basically only am passionate about two things:

kids ministry, and disney.

so for probably about 3 years now, i've been contemplating and praying about this program.

and i honestly feel called to this program.

i know, it sounds weird to be saying that God "called" me to a non-church program. while other people i know from school are being "called" to christian organizations, doing missions work, etc.

i think i'm being called to work at disney world?

sounds crazy right?

about i guess 6 months or so ago i prayed and prayed about this, and i honestly think this is not my own need to do this, but it is God sending me.

i've got a whole post from my journal that i need to get put up here, but i'm in the middle of paper writing, so i'll get that up when/if i get accepted.

but seriously - it's so exciting to do something so outside of my comfort zone. my parents kind of know that i've applied, and karima knows i've applied. but other then that i'm keeping it a little hush hush until i hear anything further.

hopefully i get an interview, then i get to go to toronto (!!!) and visit for a couple of days, which would make my life so great bc i miss my friends too much :(

whatever happens,

it's all for the glory of God.

- sarah