it's {yours}

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it's been a while i suppose.

this summer has been unordinary to say the least.

to start off, i ended up on a missions trip team that i had no intentions of being on.
i ended up in rocky harbour for three nights helping with a VBS weekend there thanks to a good friend whose church was going. it was nice. it was putting me in a position that i loved, doing something that i loved to do. something that i thought i wouldn't be able to do this summer.

secondly, i landed a job that i was incredibly wary about.

old people? not my thing. calling people, arranging speakers? definitely not on my plan list for the summer.

but, in my last two weeks, i'm finding myself changed. i've grown a confidence that i didnt have before. i'm learning to listen, to talk to people i would never had talked to if not for this job. i've gotten to share my faith, to be a light in the world outside of the church.

i'm not going to say that i've loved my job and i wish that i could do it forever, but it's been eye-opening for me.

doing something different, being someone different. i've grown up a lot through this job. i've made contacts that I would not have made otherwise. i've done something different for once in my life.

after next week, i'm leaving battcock manor. i probably won't be back. but i'm thankful for the opportunities that i've been given, and i'm thankful for the people that i've met.

now, once i finish up work, i get to chaperone senior high camp (woah), which will be fun - it will also be a test to see how much caffeine i can put into my body - but i'm praying for an awesome time.

then it's a couple of weeks off, and back to school! oh, and at some point i get to finally meet my baby nephew if he decides to make an appearance :) yay!

this summer might not have panned out exactly the way i had planned. i may not have had the job that i desired, or have a bunch of fun stuff planned.

but, when you pray to God for a summer used for HIS glory, not your own, you never quite know what to expect.

i'm challenging myself to begin to give God every season of my life.

He can have it all.

I give my days up like grains of sand
And as I look it's like
I see the sum of who I've been
Every hour that I stole
Every hour I lived life the same
Every day, every dollar
Washed away into a sea of grace

You can have it all it's Yours