driving through the {fog}

22:44 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

lately, i've been worried.

i've been concerned, mainly, with where i'm going - both in the near and distant future - how in the world am i'm going to get there from where i am right now.

this past weekend, while driving to a pastor's conference, it hit me. literally, and figuratively.


the kind that makes it impossible to see more than 5 feet in front of you.
the kind that distorts your vision.
the kind that makes everything - even the things you know are most certain - seem a little blurry.

i mean, i could see for the most part. i could see the outline of green highway signs, the of other lights and signs that were coming up.

but my vision was still blurry.

i knew that i was heading in the right direction, i knew that my destination would remain unchanged.

but i was still scared.

i've been living my life lately in a fog - i know (sort of) what my final destination is, but i've been waiting for signs or lights or anything that would guide me to the next checkpoint.

i've only been able to see the path under my feet - not much further than finishing this semester, next semester, graduation in april.

i can't see what's next - i might see the glow of lights somewhere in the distance that tell me where i am, i might see a sign, but i can't make out what it says quite yet.

but i am thankful that God is still with me, even when the road is foggy. i'm even more thankful that he is the one that directs me:

   "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light onto my path." (Ps 119:105)

Grabbing hold to God's word gives light to our path - the only way to combat the fog that we encounter on our journeys. He's got plans and promises for our lives, twists and turns in the road, but we can trust that He is perfect in all of his plans for us!