a {light} in the dark

23:31 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

"I want to be a light"

But the light reveals what is concealed by darkness.

And the light forces you to face those demons lurking in the dark. The secrets and worries and fears that consume your very being every day. 

The light reveals the pain, the shame, the suffering, the ghosts of the past and the skeletons in the closet.

all of the habits and hurts, the addictions that you have taken care to hide - out of sight out of mind.

But the light comes and brings conviction - the things you have hidden can be seen - and they can be stopped. 

Because the light comes not to condemn but to save. Not to ridicule but to rescue. The demons that you live with day by day are destroyed by the love of the light.

The light doesn't take your hurts and push them further away or use them as blackmail for the rest of your life - He stretches our his arms and says "it. Is. Finished" and they are gone.

So be a light and let the light live inside of you - let him shine through all of your crack and creases. The broken parts of you only allow him to shine through you that much more. 

"For the light shines I the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it." - John 1:5