hangin' on

18:10 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

soooooooo my life has all of a sudden gotten complicated.

but what is life without complications and unexpected twists?

in may i had an interview for a really exciting job opportunity for the summer - working with kids (mostly from low income families) from my town putting off a summer camp three days a week, organizing a school supplies drive, etc - something that i was really really looking forward to and i got it! i was super pumped for an opportunity to work with kids outside of a church setting - what i've been used to for the past 8+ years!

unfortunately, it was dependant on the government giving a grant to the organization in order to have the paid position, and they did not approve the funding for it.

so now, over a month later, i am jobless. i have 20 days to get a job in order to help keep myself afloat throughout the summer and into the next school year.

i know that God has something planned for me this summer.

i just really wish he wouldn't leave me hanging onto the edge of my rope....