good morning, exam week.

12:27 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

Exam week is officially here! One paper and on final exam until I am finished with my third year of university! Although my one and only exam is not until next week, i'm starting to feel the final crunch of trying to get everything done!

Yesterday (Monday) I went to the senior student's event hosted by student council! food and an afternoon at dave and busters! So much fun!

I've never been to Dave & Busters, but i absolutely LOVE arcades. they're so much fun! (they're also the reason i don't gamble - i would probably waste my life in a casino.) They also remind me of my family - i wish my sister was with me yesterday! she's a pro at winning lots of tickets!

after we god back to school i was up late trying to make up for a weekend of relaxation by putting a nice dent into my final paper! i was in the cafeteria until almost midnight working on it before i finally called it quits.

after a late night i really was planning on sleeping in until at least 10am, but my internal clock said no! after my roommate got up to go teach her ESL class, i made some breakfast and did my devos. i'm running out of meal card money, so i'm trying to make my eating as cheap as possible. special K protein cereal, milk, and a banana. $2.50 for breakfast? that's not too shabby. hopefully it will hold up until supper!


now i'm off to second cup to do some more work on my paper and to take advantage of latte tuesday now that my tuesday classes are over + to get a sub of the day for supper!

have a wonderful day, friends :)