the last little while.

23:07 Sarah Burton 0 Comments

hello all!

so it's been a nice while since i've posted anything.

i've finished exams, spent an extra 3 weeks in toronto, completed a 13 week course in one week, and left toronto and my best friend for an indefinite amount of time.

now i'm home for the first time in five months. i've relaxed, read lots of books, got a job (that doesn't start until july), and officially i am so sick of grand falls.

everytime i come back home i get an itch.

i want to go do something exciting. i don't want to be a boring person. i want an adventure.

all i've been thinking about the past couple of weeks is what i want to do after graduation. i'm totally ready to work my butt off saving money in order to do something exciting after i'm done with school.

so i'm starting to get excited. where will i be next summer? working at disney? on a european adventure? stuck in gfw working a minimum wage job? lets hope it's one of the latter.

i'm through being afraid of the future, and i'm ready to make my future one that rocks.